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On this page and underlying articles, linked at the left hand side, I will use several terms and names.

AdRotate™ is managed from the Dashboard.
You, the user of AdRotate, are the publisher. You publish ads.
People/entities advertising on your site are advertisers (this includes Google Adsense and such like).
People visiting your website are visitors. Who click adverts or ads.
Adverts will get impressions from being displayed and clicks from being clicked.

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Common stuff that may happen

Lightbox and other jQuery/Javascripts work different when AdRotate is active

Answer: Update your jQuery library to version 1.7 or newer. WordPress 3.7 and newer has version 1.10+ built in.

Scrollbars in blocks

Answer: Update to AdRotate Pro 3.8.8 or AdRotate Free 3.8.6 or newer and migrate your blocks to the new Groups in “Block Mode”.

After updating AdRotate a lot of Javascript functions no longer work for other plugins

Answer: Disable one or more of the jQuery libraries in AdRotate settings until it works. If you do not use Dynamic Groups you can disable them both. This is to make sure that scripts are not loaded twice (Which may cause the problem).

When trying to activate my license I get the error “http_request_failed”

Answer: Your server uses a firewall preventing HTTP requests. Add an exception for “” or “*” in your firewall. Ask your hosting provider for details on how this works.

Why do I get this error when I want to activate AdRotate?

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '&', expecting T_VARIABLE or '$' in
/path/to/www/ on line 136

Answer: Upgrade your server to use PHP5. Contact your webhost for more information.

I’m getting errors about duplicate entries in the stats or the tracker table!

Answer: This means your database is full and needs to be “upgraded”. More on the how and why in this article!

Why do my ads not rotate when I reload the page?

Answer: In most cases you have a cache plugin active. WP-Super Cache or something similar. AdRotate has basic compatibility with W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache. Check out the AdRotate Settings.