Upcoming in AdRotate Pro and AdRotate

logo-128x128The past few weeks have been crazy busy with a huge influx in support tickets. I haven’t have too much time for actual development. But over the past week I’ve done a lot of research and am making some progress with some ongoing issues with overall services.


maxmindI’m not sure what’s going on but FreegeoIP hasn’t been all that great lately.
Online, offline, online, no SSL, offline again. It’s maddening.
As a result I have been in contact with MaxMind and they provided me with some tools and pointers to integrate their own Paid services into AdRotate. This will hopefully happen soon!
The service will be added as a third option to the current FreegeoIP and GeoSelect.

Cookies and Requests

Currently AdRotate uses *no* cookies. Not for anything. This will change in the next version.
This brings 2 big changes;

  • GeoTargeting requests will be brought down by atleast 50%
  • MySQL Traffic will be approximately 30-40% less

AdRotate will generate a number of cookies. GeoTargeting (if enabled) will be using a cookie which will last for 24 hours. So during that time. No extra requests should be made to your geo service of choice. Which makes the 50000 requests of MaxMind even more worthwhile :)

On top of that. AdRotate currently stores it’s tracking data in your websites database. This leads to a lot of MySQL traffic (Queries) which may slow down your site.
AdRotate will be storing this data in cookies as well, meaning *A LOT* less queries on your database.

Current changes for AdRotate Pro

  • [new] Cookies for GeoTargeting (24h)
  • [new] Cookies for Impression tracking (24h)
  • [new] Cookies for Click tracking (24h)
  • [fix] Wrapper code parsed twice on some ads
  • [fix] Removed broken WP filter that added ‘_’ in filenames
  • [fix] No more Geo Requests on wp-login.php
  • [fix] Mixed mode post injection now works as intended
  • [fix] Post injection now works for posts with multiple categories

Current changes for AdRotate Free

  • [new] Cookies for Impression tracking (24h)
  • [new] Cookies for Click tracking (24h)
  • [fix] Wrapper code parsed twice on some ads
  • [fix] Mixed mode post injection now works as intended
  • [fix] Post injection now works for posts with multiple categories

Impression and click limits for adverts?

logo-128x128Here’s a thought; Should the impression and click limitation be moved to the actual advert instead of being tied closely to the schedule?

Currently a schedule determines the maximum clicks and impressions of an advert. Only one problem with that, if you have multiple ads in that schedule or time period you seemingly still go over the limit. Because each advert sticks to your limit. So a schedule could potentially serve up 1000000 impressions if you have 10 adverts in it and set the limit at 100000. That *looks* kinda weird. But it isn’t as it’s exactly right and works as designed.

Alternatively I could just remote the total used up impressions and clicks for schedules – Which is much much easier and probably stops the current flurry of confusion about “ads” going over the limit. Your thoughts?
Personally I like to remove the visible stat from schedules so that you can’t rely on the wrong number anymore. It’s easier for development, easier to manage and should speed things up a little bit because of less queries.

On the topic of queries, should stats be made a bit less live where AdRotate gathers just stats, and every so much hours (maybe twice a day?) calculates actual stats in proper numbers so that every time you load stats it won’t have to calculate each number and sift through many thousands (tens of thousands…) of records?

Please post your thoughts below!

AdRotate Switch now available

logo-128x128Thinking of switching to AdRotate or AdRotate Pro and looking to get a head start?
AdRotate Switch may be of use to you. Easily Migrate your data from other advertising plugins such as Max Banner Ads PRO and Ad King Pro to AdRotate and/or AdRotate Pro.

Take a look at the plugin page; https://wordpress.org/plugins/adrotate-switch/

AdRotate Switch currently supports 5 plugins to migrate data from. If your plugin is not supported, let me know. Perhaps I can add support for it in AdRotate Switch.

This looks sort of important for new users – Meet AdRotate Switch

And also potential users ;) It was suggested to me that I should provide tools for new AdRotate users to switch from their previous advertising plugin.
A copy of Max Banner Ads was kindly provided to make the first move. And behold, a wild AdRotate Switch appeared!

How will it work

Almost all plugins store data. This data can be read by any installed plugin. So I devised a simple system where AdRotate Switch will read data of compatible plugins and reformat it so that AdRotate can read it, then store said data in the AdRotate part of the database. The other plugin can then be uninstalled and removed and voila. With a few clicks you’ve moved your ads and campaigns to AdRotate. Almost ready to go.

Minimal setup

Obviously AdRotate will still require some set-up, but not having to set up groups, adverts and even keeping your stats (hopefully) will save you a bunch of time.

No clutter

AdRotate Switch will be a stand-alone plugin and will not be part of the main AdRotate plugins. Simply because not everyone needs these tools. There is no point to add bloat to AdRotate and AdRotate Pro. AdRotate Switch will be a “clean” plugin, meaning that it will not store data exclusive to AdRotate Switch. Just install it, run the migration tool you need and delete it. No fuss, no trace data.

Compatible plugins

If you have or know other advertising plugins that can be included in AdRotate Switch please let me know.
If at all possible I will include it in the plugin.

Trouble with finding AdRotate Tables?

logo-128x128Over the past few days a number of people have reported broken installations of AdRotate where the database tables can not be located.
This mostly affects new installations, and has been going on for some time apparently.

If you have installed AdRotate recently and found that the database was broken you’ll see a ugly red error in the dashboard telling you. The database is not actually broken, but parts are missing. This has been fixed in versions AdRotate Pro 3.11.2 and AdRotate Free 3.10.12.

How to fix

If you have not yet used or set up AdRotate beyond installing it, uninstalling the plugin from the plugins page and then installing the latest version will install a working database. That’s easy :)

If you have been using AdRotate already and suddenly you see this error, you can submit a support ticket through https://ajdg.solutions/support/ with login details to your WordPress dashboard and PHPMyAdmin (all admin access please). I will then go in and resolve the issue manually. Typically this will take no longer than 10 minutes per site.

Will I loose my data?

So far I’ve been able to restore all data on all 4 sites I fixed last night and today.

Bug reporting

Unfortunately, until 2 days ago, nobody followed through with reporting this bug so it was allowed to linger around for a few versions. Not everyone was affected though – Luckily.

Reporting bugs and providing information when requested is vital to solving bugs and finding quirks. Please do report any and all bugs you find so they can be fixed in a timely manner!