Schedule your income

AdRotate let’s you schedule when adverts will display on your site. Up to the minute precision for highly advanced yet simple to manage campaigns. Allow your advertisers to finegrain when they want to display their adverts. All you have to do is set a series of schedules and get those holiday promotions going! You can make as many schedules as you want for each advert. This allows you full control of when your ads will show and for how long.


Stay informed

AdRotate not only tells you when you do things wrong but also when you need to do the right thing. Get notified directly on the dashboard of upcoming expirations of advertisements so you can contact your advertiser in time to renew the advert or cancel it. AdRotate will tell you about adverts that will expire and configuration errors and if things get really pressing also sends out periodic emails to up to 5 administrators.


Regular Updates

AdRotate receives regular updates with new features, new options. Bug fixes and tweaks. You have a say in features too. Need something added? Suggest the feature. If there is enough demand or the feature just makes sense it will be added.


Curvy Statistics

AdRotate has beautiful graphs to tell you all about your advertisements performance. Browse to previous months. And keep a sharp eye on these live statistics on how well your adverts do on a day to day basis. Every advertisement has it’s own graph.


Feature comparison

AdRotate comes in two flavours. A regular Free version and a more extensive and advanced version which you have to buy. Refer to the below comparison table to see the differences.


  Pro Free
Bulk actions
GeoLocation (Cities/Countries)
Weight (visibility)
Limit clicks for schedules
Limit impressions for schedules
Spread impressions over the duration of the schedule
Assign adverts to groups

Types of ads

  Pro Free
Self hosted Banners/Text Links
Self hosted Flash images
Google Adsense – More info
Chitika – More info
Broadstreet Ads – More info
DoubleClick – More info
Vibrant Media – More info
ValueClick Media – More info
adBrite/SiteScout – More info
And many many more…


  Pro Free
Dynamic mode (jQuery – rotate every few seconds)
Block mode (Multiple ads at once)
GeoLocation (Cities/Countries)
Bulk actions
Fallback group
Post injection
Page injection
Styling options


  Pro Free
Enable/Disable Statistics
Exclude logged-in users
Exclude clicks from logged-in users
Exclude impressions from logged-in users
Clicktracking using jQuery
Clicktracking using a redirect
Statistics for advertisers
Global statistics for admins
Export statistics


  Pro Free
Couple adverts to advertisers
Front-end dashboard (in your theme)
Back-end dashboard (regular dashboard)
Advertisers can see overview of adverts
Advertisers can submit new ads
Advertisers can set up GeoLocation
Advertisers can see advert previews
Advertisers can Export statistics
Moderation queue for admins
Messaging system for admins


  Pro Free
Multisite support
Network activation support (Network & Developer)
Cross site adverts (Network Activated) (Network & Developer)

AdBlock Detection

  Pro Free
Detect adblockers
Show a nag message to those using an adblocker
Exclude logged-in users

Status Notifications

  Pro Free
Dashboard notifications
Email notifications
Push notifications (iOS/Android)


  Pro Free
Export adverts to XML files
Export adverts to CSV files
Import adverts from XML files
Import adverts from CSV files

Maintenance & Miscellaneous

  Pro Free
Basic support for caching
Permission system
Automated updates
Rename/move 'banners' folder
User-Agent filter (Bot filter)
Automated error checking
Manual database maintenance


  Pro Free
Ticket Support (Usually a reply within 24 hours) (Single/Duo/Multi)
Ticket Support (Usually a reply within 12 hours) (Network & Developer)
Email Support (Usually a reply within 24 hours)
Forum Support (Slower)


Great dashboard

With AdRotates easy to navigate dashboard it’s never been easier to manage your ads in a efficient way. Review and manage ads with ease. Create groups or blocks and assign ads to them within minutes.


Freedom in style

You made the ad, you decide where it goes. You publish the ad, you’re the boss on styling the ad with regular HTML and CSS. AdRotate gives you lots of freedom to get it your way.


Email and Dashboard notifications

Are your ads in trouble? AdRotate lets you know via dashboard notifications and sends out periodic emails when issues arise. Never have a gap where ads should be visible again.


User Statistics

Assign ads to registered users and let them see statistics. This will help them review their ad and see how well it’s doing. Simply have your clients register an account and assign the ad to them.