Automated installers are my nemesis

New installations are NOT affected by these issues. Most issues are contained to the free version of AdRotate.

Or so it seems. Once again, despite endless testing a bug slipped into the upgrade script causing all sorts of weirdness on so many websites. With the help and tips of many of you I have pinpointed where the issue is and and working on a fix as I write this.

Currently resolved issues:

  • Unserialized warning on some dashboards
  • Empty Objects for disabled adverts
  • Empty Objects for the AdRotate info dashboard
  • Block sizes incorrectly calculated
  • Ads showing up as expired while they’re not
  • Too much ads per block
  • Disappeared ads

Currently being tested:

  • Stats disappearing (also not gone, but invisible!)

I’d like to stress that no data is deleted by actions made by AdRotate. Ads are not displaying correctly for some people because the database upgrade script has a small (but important) bug. A fix is being tested right now.

For the missing stats I’m still looking for answers. But that’s expected to be resolved shortly, too.

Thanks everyone for your input and support! If you have found any quirks or bugs let me know as soon as possible! If you can submit reports within the next hour or so I can still workout a solution for the upcoming patch.

[update 1]

Just fixed the blocks, they now show the correct amount of ads

Additionally, active ads showing up as expired is explained. Since the free AdRotate does no longer work with schedules. If the ad has expired and upcoming schedules it kind of lingers in “limbo” right now. AdRotate does not properly recognize this. The ads need to be re-saved to solve this. This will clear out the non-relevant schedules.

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