AdRotate Pro – Coming later this year

After finishing up a few projects and side projects I will be focusing on the next big release of AdRotate (3.8 or 4.0) and a revision of how things work. Services will be reviewed and updated were required. The support workflow will be reviewed and updated. And the direction of AdRotate will change a bit.

The new direction will be that there will be 2 versions of AdRotate. The regular version which you have now will remain available but also there will be a Pro version offering even more features and of course great support.

Key features to look out for -

– Improved advertiser/publisher communication
– Improved statistics
– Better graphs
– Advertisement moderation and creation queue

A bit more detail:

Currently you can couple ads to users and those users (advertisers) can send you simple messages from the dashboard. This will be redone and improved so you can more easily communicate about adverts.

Statistics currently offer a fairly limited overview. This will be built on and expanded a great deal. Also I will be replacing the graphs with something prettier.

A moderation queue which allows Advertisers to create and upload their own adverts for your staff to review. This will give you some spare time and eased communication lines with customers.

Pro you say? What does that entail? Will the current version remain as good?

Details have yet to be finalized but yes. AdRotate will have a Pro version. This is a version you will buy and which will give you more options.
The free version will of course promote the Pro version but will remain a 100% functional plugin. However, fancy new features will be added to the Pro version and not the free version. A detailed list of which feature goes where and in what capacity will be made available when such a list is made and ready.
On top of this, Pro versions will receive a more involved kind of support and do not have to queue up in the forum. Details will be made available once the packages are finalized.

If upgrade to Pro do I need to re-do all ads and things?

No! A smooth migration will be sought out and will have top priority.


Undetermined, however, the going rate for Pro or Premium plugins seems to be between $29 all the way up to $99 US dollars. I will aim to go as low as possible, in the range of $19-29 US dollars. This, however, is under review and for now is not yet decided!

The future and beyond!

AdRotate currently has just shy of 100000 (one hundred thousand) active installations based on the RSS feed usage. This is an awesome number that continues to grow every month. Both versions will be actively updated and expanded with new features and optimizations. If the Pro version generates enough revenue this will surely allow for even greater plans with AdRotate. Some of which are already in the making.

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3 Responses to “AdRotate Pro – Coming later this year”

  1. Heiko July 31, 2012 at 10:05 am #

    Sounds nice. Will the pro version have the posibility to outbut the adcode as js instead of php or shortcode? (Really need a banner rotater with this feature…)

    • Arnan August 11, 2012 at 3:39 pm #

      Late reply…
      That is certainly something i aim to include. But I have yet to figure out a good system for it. Passing data to PHP and MySQL is a bit of an issue.

  2. Gary November 22, 2012 at 11:12 pm #

    Please let us know when PRO is ready! We are in!!