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Create and manage unlimited ads with this WordPress advertising plugin. Keep stats and run successful advertising campaigns straight from your dashboard. If you are a WordPress user you should use AdRotate to get the most out of your advertisements and have the best and greatest flexibility in ad placement and management.

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Website admins around the world choose AdRotate for it’s great flexibility, scalability and superb features. Benefit from features like targeted ads, scheduling and statistics and start making money today!


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Why AdRotate is awesome

AdRotate gives you the freedom to place adverts pretty much anywhere on your site with ease by using WordPress standards. This allows you to focus more on creating content and publishing articles on your site instead of having spend days on managing adverts. AdRotate provides an easy to use dashboard, settings and lot’s of features to make the most of advertisement. Read more…

Excelling service

Running a site is one thing. While creating adverts is easy with AdRotate. What about installing it? While not especially difficult to do yourself you may benefit from my services to configure and customise some things for you. Have me customize the header or footer of your site. Or perhaps a custom template for your posts or pages to make ads blend in perfectly. Read more…

Get more with AdRotate Pro

Tried AdRotate and want even more? Go pro! AdRotate Pro provides more features to allow even greater control over your adverts benefit from features such as GeoLocation and Scheduling.

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What others are saying...

I found that the Author was very responsive with Fixes and ready to Help. The Plugin works great and solves many of the application issues I needed.

Arnan is one of the few plugin developers that is responsive and pro-active. I highly recommend his plugin,it works as it should and that goes along way these days.

Thanks a ton for the latest update, fast support, and good fix. Saved me a lot of time. Love the plugin, keep up the good work.